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We believe life is better together by God’s design and that life change happens in the context of relationships. 

Community Groups (CGroup) gather weekly in homes across our community with a clear focus: to allow opportunities for people to do life together, experiencing real community, while living intentionally on mission with regular rhythms of ministry, mercy, and mission built into their schedules.


More than a Bible study! The aim of every weekly CGroup gathering is to do authentic community while studying the Bible intentionally.


Interested in finding your CGroup or just want more info? Tap the CGroup button below now! 


As we look closer at the life of Jesus, we see that He invested deeper into three people; Peter, James, and John. This smaller group of people that Jesus poured into is where we get our method for deeper levels of discipleship called Discipleship Groups (DGroups).


Discipleship Groups differ from Community Groups in several distinct ways. DGroups are:

1. Closed groups that meet only for a specified duration of time with the intentionality of reproducing.

2. Groups range from 3-5 to people.

3. Gender specific, men meeting with men and women with women.

4. High in accountability and scripture memorization.

5. Bible driven. Groups work through books of the Bible using the HEAR journaling method:

  • Highlight - What verses did God use to speak to you during your studies?

  • Explain – What do those verses mean in context?

  • Apply – How do these verses apply to your life?

  • Respond – What are you going to do about it this week?

Ready to find your group? Simply tap the DGROUP button below!

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