Sunday worship gatherings are a come as you are experience for the whole family. Come regardless of your background, baggage, or bellbottoms. 

During this time while we are unable to meet at Godwin High School due to COVID-19, we are still enjoying gathering as a local church in an approved and safe way that we call Drive-Up Church!

Here's what you can expect during Drive-Up Church along with some helpful tips to enjoy this experience: 

1. A safe and fun environment that abides by guidance handed down by governing authorities.

2. Worship and a message that is centered on God's Word (Bible).

3. Arrive early.

4. Follow our parking team to your spot.

5. Go to the restroom prior to arrival.

6. Grab a drive-through beverage to enjoy.

7. Tune into 90.9 FM to hear even better.

8. We participate in the Lord's Supper every week. Bring your own bread and juice. If you forget, we've got you covered! We provide sanitized communion elements for you to take as desired.

Here's what you can expect once we return to worshipping at Godwin High School:


1. Coffee. Need we say more. 

2. A casual environment. Let the least of your concerns on Sundays be what you wear. Whether you wear a suit or a shirt, slacks or shorts, or crocks with socks, we're excited that you're here!

3. Feeling welcomed all the way from the street to the seats.

4. An exciting, secure children's ministry for infants through 5th graders with amazing team members! 

5. Holy Spirit filled worship with a message centered on the Word of God (Bible).

6. Reflecting on God's grace through the Lord's Supper every week.

7. A loving church family who is passionate about loving God, loving others, and making disciples.

Mailing Address:

PO Box 29542

Henrico, Virginia 23238

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